Custom Backend – White Label Ready

Add a logo, change settings for the contact page and newsletter options. Everything works without touching a line of code. Helpful text snippets tell what each option is about


Styling Options

A dedicated area for all your styling needs. You can customize almost everything! Simply use the color picker and chose the style you want!


Shortcode Backend

We even created a beautiful and easy to use shortcode backend. Simply click on the shortcode icon in the post or page editor and this little window opens. Here you can chose the shortcode you like to add and customize different settings. When you are done – simply click on “add shortcode” and the code is automatically added to your content.


Post and Page Options

Every page and post can have it’s unique style. Right below the editor you find the custom options panel. Use it to add a slideshow or background slider. You can also chose between different page styles sidebars and so on.